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Question time!

Is Lokali free?

Yup! Lokali is free to use and has no plans to ever charge a membership fee!

How does Lokali ensure relevant content?

Lokali’s feed only displays local content up to 50 miles of your current location, and is filterable based on exactly what you want to see. We don’t allow corporate presences or advertising, so everything you see is unique to your community, relevant to your interests, and can be engaged with. (What’s the point in seeing a delicious pizza in Italy if you can’t go and eat it?)

Why doesn’t Lokali allow corporations to have a presence?

The goal of Lokali is to deliver personalized, quality, engaging content from thousands of people in your community who have struggled to gain visibility in the pay-to-play environment of mainstream social media. There are already enough irrelevant ads out there, we don’t need any on our platform. We want to be a genuine platform people can use to discover their community.

How does Lokali prevent bullying and abuse?

We take the prospect of bullying and abusive behavior very seriously and have a zero tolerance policy. During the sign-up process, users must provide a phone number and validate a code which will be sent to them. Violating our Terms of Service in ways which constitute malicious bullying or abuse will be banned by their phone number.

Can people see where I’m posting from?

By default, no post will show any specific geoinformation- however, we do provide the option to make a geotag visible.

Why should I use Lokali?

Lokali provides a way to quickly explore your community, or even the area immediately around you to find exactly what you want on the fly instead of combing through reviews. This also makes Lokali very useful for traveling to new places, or even for exploring new places ahead of time. Most importantly, Lokali’s content creators are the people that make your communities so diverse and wonderful, not faceless corporate presences focused on your money.

Can I share content to other platforms from Lokali?

Currently, this is a function we are working on. We do have plans to allow sharing to existing social media platforms from Lokali in the future.

When does Lokali release?

Lokali’s upcoming beta will be announced shortly, with the release of Lokali targeted for sometime in 2018!

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