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Lokali’s mission is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and talented individuals get the recognition they deserve in the increasingly corporate world of mainstream social media.

Lokali was founded in 2016 with a simple goal in mind – to create a new type of network where people are able to find exactly what they’re looking for while supporting their local community. We were tired of all the advertisements for irrelevant things, paid promoted content, and the general clutter of mainstream social media – we wanted to create something genuine.

We looked at our local community and realized something very important – that many small businesses and talented individuals are woefully underrepresented on both Instagram and Facebook and struggle to gain visibility. We don’t think it’s right that deeper corporate pockets should eclipse the passion of entrepreneurs and creators. Accordingly, we will not allow large corporations and chains to have a presence on Lokali.

Lokali will be the first platform to provide content sourced by location in a multi-filterable photo and video feed. Everything you see on Lokali is within 50 miles of you, so if you see something you like, you’re actually able to go engage with it.

We accomplish this with a unique approach to social discovery, and with our two main features: Home Feed and our LFG system.

Unlike traditional social media, you don’t build you feed’s content based on who you’re friends with or who you follow, Lokali’s following feature is entirely secondary and completely optional. Your photo and video feed is based firstly upon the distance around you that you want to see, anywhere between 1 and 50 miles. Beyond that, you’re able to apply multiple hashtag filters and even sort between all content or verified business profiles only. This makes finding the perfect coffee shop within 2 miles of you, or seeing what’s going on downtown on a Saturday night a simple straightforward process. If you see someone else creating content that you like, you’re able to ‘favorite’ them and toggle your feed by your favorites list to see what they’re up to whenever you want.

LFG stands for Looking for Group and is designed to help you find other users who are looking to collaborate, provide goods & services, or form friendship over common interests. You can use LFG in endless ways; a photographer trying to find a model for portfolio work, a Dungeons and Dragons player looking to put a campaign together, a party planner trying to find a private baker for an order of custom cupcakes. LFG aims to be the best and most straightforward way to find professionals and talented individuals in your community.

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