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What is Lokali?

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Les's look a little
deeper at why Lokali
is freaking awesome.


filterable to what you want to
see via hashtags, and distance


find people to create with,
new customers to sell to, and
places you never knew existed


may favorite users and filer
your feed to see all your favorite
people's posts chronologically


all content is posted and visible
by location and hashtags, not
contingent on who is following you


only local businesses or services
may advertise and use Lokali to
maintain relevance to users

Well, did we convince
you that Lokali is
pretty cool?

What is Lokali?

Lokali is a photo based app focused on making it easier for you
to discover and be discovered by your local community.

I want to find things!

The home feed is your hub to use distance and hashtags to search exactly what you're looking for.

Lokali's photo feed
displays all posts
based on your location,
not who you're already
connected to.

Customize your feed
to see exactly what
you want to see, and
find new things to do
quickly and easily.

I want to be found!

LFG is people finding people. Build your personal brand and get noticed.

Put yourself out there and
showcase your passion to
get discovered by your
most relevant audience,
your local community!

Discover new clients,
collaborate, or just have
fun with like-minded
individuals in your area
simply by searching for
what you're interested in!

Ready to discover your community
like never before?

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(c) 2017 Lokali. Dallas, Texas.